Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay, this is to track my adventures with Stevia. I am addicted to pop and longing for the day when PepsiCo. perfects a Stevia blend cola, but until then, I have the occasional cup of coffee to save on calories and still get a jolt of caffeine. Didn't have too much luck with NOW brand French Vanilla drops, but I read on Amazon that Kal makes a powder that is much better with no aftertaste. And I can do more than put it in my coffee if I ever feel so led. I found this last night at The Fruitful Yield in South Elgin.

First thought... according to the label, a serving is one "scoop" and the included scoop is bizarrely small! The label says this 3.5 oz bottle contains 2,381 servings. Considering I drink 1 cup of coffee every 2-3 months, this should last me 496 years.
There are woefully few recipes out there that utilize Stevia (especially ones that aren't for super health fanatics and vegans). I am just a moderately health conscience slightly overweight, former diabetic (gestational) that doesn't trust artificial sweeteners but LOVES sweets. I am going to document my experiments with Stevia as I go, so I can learn from my mistakes and not forget how I made that amazing 0-cal chocolate cookie. I can dream right?

Update (7/27/2011): I used to have a couple recipes right here, but I moved them to their own posts so I could tag them and search for them more easily.

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